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Jisbar (France, 1989) is an urban artist very well-known internationally, emerged from the Parisian popstreet art scene. His language, which appears direct and immediate, is the result of a continuous search for values, codes, symbols and characteristics of today’s society. The subjects of his works are nowadays pop icons or taken from the history of art and cinematography, revisited in a contemporary key. One of his most famous subjects is the Mona Lisa: in 2020 he launched a punk Monalisa into space as a tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci. This project led him to be part of a permanent exhibition of the Louvre and Grand Palais Immersif.


Jisbar exhibits in galleries and museums of international caliber around the world, including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dubai, London, Venice, Lausanne, Singapore, Australia and Paris and collaborates with brands such as Armani, BMW, Watch Gshock, Formula 1, as well as having designed special suits for MotoGP rider Fabio Quartararo.


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